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    How do you divide atributes within a dimension per measure value?

    Tyler Sellers



      I have a workbook and I've created an array of measure values, based upon varies criteria that I set and I'm displaying them by a dimension that tells whether or not they disconnected or not.


      My question is, how do I then take the ones that have a value of 'Y' for my DISCONNECT_IND dimension and divide that by the total of the measure value to get a percentage?





                Dimension DISCONNECT_IND                          Grand Total

                                Attributes:     Y              N       

      Measure Value: 3G24G         737,631       1,630           739,264



      So I want to take the 1,630 and divide it by 739,264 to get a percentage of those that have an 'N' value (in this case .2%). However, I want it to be dynamic enough to work for each of my measure values, almost like doing a Lookup of each row.


      Is this possible?


      I've attached a screenshot.