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    variable sized bins

    Thomas Beaulieu

      I am new to Tableau and cannot duplicate a simple function that is available in excel.  Within the excel pivot tables is a feature called "group data".  I want to duplicate this feature in Tableau.  I have figured out how to use the bin function in Tableau but I need 2 variable sized bins and the remaining bins of equal size.  I am making a histogram will sales along the y axis and profit across the x-axis.  My profit is stated in percentages (%).  Right now I have sales binned in increments of 5%.  Using excel, I get the following:




      You will notice that excel groups together all profit values <0 and that all profit values >1 are lumped together.  I cannot figure out how to duplicate the <0 or >1 category using Tableau.  With tableau, I get bins all the way down to -30% in 5% increments and all the way up to 115% in 5% increments.  I believe the CASE function is required but the help link is very vague on how the CASE funtion should be configured.  Would anyone know how to duplicate the above graph in Tableau, particularly the <0 and >1 categories?  I am a real novice, so please explain it to me like I am a 2 year-old.