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    Fatter Bars

    Bob Laverty

      This should be easy, but I've checked every option and searched the archives here.  How do I get fatter bars when the size slider is already moved to the right?  As you can see, I have plenty of space between the bars, even if you consider the labels.


      Bob Laverty

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Bob,


          Is there something on the Size shelf? If there is, try editing the sizes via the size legend. Otherwise can you post the workbook (twbx file) or a screenshot with the marks card in the view?



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            Bob Laverty

            There's nothing on the Size shelf.  I'm just using the size slider. The marks shelf simply has Bars.  If I add a dimension to the Size shelf, it makes no difference because the Max Size Range is already at its largest size.  I know I can get fatter bars because I have other graphs by year which expand much wider, almost to the edge of the cell.

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              Shawn Wallwork

              Bob, first you're not crazy! I had this happen to me too, but for the life of me I can't remember what was causing it, and what I did to fix it. If you are able to dummy up some data and post a workbook, I'm sure if I take a look it will come back to me. (Or you could just send it by email. Check my profile for address.)



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                Bob Laverty

                Can I get credit for giving myself a correct answer in this forum?  I figured out a solution for this.  My data has weekly payment dates.  When I used this on the column shelf, I chose to have the data represented by month/year.  This morning, I created groups of those weekly dates and put the grouped dimension on the shelf instead. Voila!  Fat columns, actually touching, that I could now control with the slider bar over a greater range.  Apparently, space was being reserved in the graph for the possibility of showing the added weekly detail.

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                  Shawn Wallwork

                  Bob, take the star, you earned it!



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                    David Pace

                    Correct, you will get the smaller bars when the field on the columns shelf is continuous (green) as opposed to discrete (blue).


                    You could also just try changing your Date field to discrete instead of creating the groups.4-27-2012 10-19-41 AM.png

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