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    Strange map notation in Reader

      I put together a dashboard that included a map, sent twbx to client and when they view in reader there is a notation by Ohio showing "Ohio" with an arrow to it and the count of associated measure. We don't see it here, never did anything to make that happen. Any thoughts why? Attached a picture of it.

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Dean, as best I can tell (picture is a bit grainy) it looks like a default Point Annotation. Can't help you with the 'why' without seeing the workbook. Could you have accidentally stuck a point annotation in there and then filtered it out? Also if you're doing any kind of paging, it could show up on one page and not the others, which would make you think it isn't there until you get to the one page it is on. If you post the workbook, we could help you track it down.



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            Thanks Shawn, I replied with twbx but realized I probably shouldn't put that out here so I deleted it. I never did any annotations unless it happened by accident, and no paging either. I'll see if my support ticket gets replied to. Thanks again..

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              Shawn Wallwork

              Yeah, I've done that a few times myself. If the data wasn't important (sensitive) you probably wouldn't be visualizing it. Good Luck.



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                Support told us to upgrade to current version of desktop, 7.0.2. And once we did, there was the annotation. Don't know how it got there but was able to remove it. I'm sure the client had the most current Reader, and that is why they saw it too. Why the annotation got there and our old version didn't show it is another mystery.