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    Calculating # of Results > 0 in a row

    Gregg Thomas

      In my workbook, I'm graphing the % sales are up or down compared to the same week prior year.  I'm trying to add a calculation that will show the # of weeks in a row that had a result > 0.  Any ideas?  If I use the running count calc, it just gives me the total # of weeks that were > 0...but i'd like the calc to find the most recent result that was <0 and then restart counting from there. 


      I'm attaching a very basic example...in this example, on april 1st, it would tell me that it's the 5th week in a row that we've had postiive comparable sales.  On December 1st it would say it was the 1st week of positive comparable sales. 


      This information will be included in the tooltip.


      Any help is greatly appreciated!