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    Tableau Desktop only utilising 50% of computer performance

    Emma Whyte



      I am currently creating a workbook that includes a lot of calculations to show rolling means. The performance of Tableau Desktop is very slow when opening or editing charts in this workbook.


      Tableau Desktop is running on two machines:


      Machine 1

      Windows XP Professional

      Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.06Ghz (2CPUs)

      2GB RAM


      Machine 2

      Windows XP Professional

      Intel Xeon CPU 4 cores at 2Ghz

      3GB RAM

      This machine is running as a virtual desktop on a server


      We have carried out performance measures on both machines whilst running Tableau Desktop. What we have noticed is that although the PCs have access to either dual or quad cores, Tableau Desktop is only utilising 50% of the CPU resources.


      Is there a way to optimise Tableau Desktop to use 100% of the resources if necessary?