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    Month over Month calculations

    Tj Claridge

      Hey All,


      I poked around a little bit for this answer but none seemed to nail it down for me. If you have any suggestions on how to perform a Month over Month calculation, it would be much appreciated.


      So, what I have is a list of daily submissions in a datetime format (see below). I'm calculating the total submissions by a uniqueID.  I'm using a quick filter to allow the user to select the month of interest which reports the total number of requests made during that month. What I would like to do is bring some context to this number by providing a % in change from the previous month based upon this user's selection of the target month. For example, if the user selects April to investigate, the calculation will return the % difference from March.



      1000014/23/12 2:14 PM



      4/23/12 2:17 PMClosed
      1000034/23/12 2:24 PMClosed
      1000043/23/12 2:33 PMClosed
      1000053/23/12 2:46 PMOpen


      An additional gotcha here might be that I also allow for "ALL" to be selected in the quick filter for months. If that is an issue I can tackle that separately. I'm also open to tackling this in other ways if you care to share.


      I'm using Tableau version 7

      Data source is excel worksheet (extract)

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi TJ,


          In order to show a month over month value, more than one month has to be in the view. One month cannot be filtered out. This is because a table calculation is being used to compute the value, and if there is nothing to compute it against, then Tableau doesn't know what to do with it. This is often a common request--it would be a great one to place under the Ideas section of the Community.



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