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    Add a line with a constant slope to a viz and extending the date?


      Hello everyone,


      I was wondering if someone can help me out with something that should be pretty easy but hard for me. I want to add a line to a tableau viz that shows the qty of goods manufactured. I want to add a line that shows where the current level of stock should be, as shown in the image below as a blue line

      what it should be.JPG


      What i have is

      tableau viz help.JPG


      The green line is supposed to be the blue line in the first picture. i did a calculation of [week]*42 discreet; didnt work. I did just 42 and tried summing, didnt work.


      Also, how do i extend the date to the end of the year, if i do not have any data past the present?


      I apologize for the poorly formatted forum post.