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    Dimension use

    Vusi Nkomo



      I have a data set with team leaders and team members. I would like to display the data on a wall board, one team at a time. When i put the team leaders on the page shelf, numbers appear only against the team in question, but all the members in the dataset remain on the worksheet. Any ideas on how i can achieve what i am attempting?

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Instead of using the Pages shelf, use a quick filter for the team leaders.


          Hope this helps!



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            Vusi Nkomo

            It needs to go on a wall board and they want it looping continously to show the work area their performance. So quick filters unfortunately will not work as they require continuous intervention...unless i am misunderstanding your response

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              Jonathan Drummey

              The Pages shelf won't do what you want, it's designed to pull all the data and show what


              However, I have seen some old forum posts (I don't have any links unfortunately) about people setting up some (Javascript maybe?) code that would automatically refresh a Tableau Server view, I believe you could use that in conjunction with some filters to pull up the view.



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                Vusi Nkomo

                Hi Jonathan,


                Thanks for the response. What i ended up doing was putting the data i needed to page through pre-filtered on to different dashboards, publishing those to the server, and then using the live web add-in for powerpoint and looping each on a different sheet therein. It is a workaround that works well.