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    Static Images Not Updating Anymore?

      Usually after making updates to our Tableau Public dashboard and charts, embed it on our website, and watch it load, we see an up-to-date static image of the data while it loads. However, the PNG image that serves as the preview while the live data loads has failed to update over the last 2 weeks.


      Here is the live link to the dashboard:



      And here is the direct link to the auto-generated static image, which as you can see is very outdated (we've updated and saved the same graph several times since):



      I tried duplicating the dashboard and viewing the brand new graph via our embed code on our website, and the static image hasn't even generated at all - it's blank, and when I try to visit the direct path to the static image, the page could not be found.


      These documents used to be 6.0, then we upgraded 2 months ago to 7.0. However, their static images were still updating correctly each time we re-saved our Public graphs until 2 weeks ago.


      What could be wrong with the server and/or our worksheets/dashboards in Tableau that could break the static images?