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    Filter on many unique IDs

    James Behm



      I'm relatively new to Tableau. I am trying to create a text table showing information pertaining to just 1 ID.


      To give some context, I have created an extract from one fact table containing ~11 million rows. I want the user to input an identification number and show only the records with that identification number. There are approximately 400,000 unique identification numbers in the current data set.


      To begin with, I am only just putting one row/dimension in the work as a proof of concept. I created a quick filter on the row/dimension, however when using a wildcard match (I want the user to type in the identification number) the filter takes a bit of time. Essentially for my proof of concept I want to display the results of


      'SELECT identification_number FROM table WHERE identification_number = user input '


      I was curious if there was a way to speed this up. I am not sure that I am taking the correct approach.



      Also, I am using Tableau 7 desktop.


      Thanks for the help.

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          Richard Leeke

          So you want the user to be able to enter just one specific ID without it being treated as a wildcard? I'd never noticed before that you can't set a quick filter into a mode where it behaves like that. Even if you say "Custom Value List", it treats it as a wild card - which with hundreds of thousands or millions of values won't be super-quick.


          The way around it is to create a parameter and set that to "Type In". Then create a calculated field is defined like this:


          [ID] == [ID Parameter]


          That will return true for the one row of interest and false for everything else. Just put that on the filter shelf and select just "true" (you'll need to set the parameter to a value that exists to have the "true" option available).


          I'm pretty sure that approach will use any available index on the ID field so will be really quick. It should certainly be quick with your etract. Let me know if that works.