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    Adding monthly targets

    Paul Clerkin

      Hi. I have a table view of months with a count of the numbers of transactions completed each month. The source data is made up of the list of records and it is just a count of these records on a monthly basis.


      I wanted to add in a monthly target to show on the table beside the actual number of transactions completed in that month. So for example I wanted to show for January the number of transactions (records) was 500 in January and then to show beside it that the target was 450. The targets are not in the source data so I thought that I might be able to do this by adding an excel datasource with a list of the months and the target next to each month. I did this but cant get it to appear on the table and linking month to month in both data sources does not seem to help.


      Am I missing something here. Is there a better way to do this?



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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Paul,


          The most likely situation is that the dates in the two datasources aren't lining up. In order to successfully blend, Tableau needs the same values in the two sources. So, for example, if one datasource is daily and another one monthly, then you might need to create a calculated field in the daily source such as DATETRUNC('month',[Daily Date]) and then use that field in the blend.


          If you haven't gotten a solution for your problem, I suggest posting a packaged workbook with some sample data.