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    Reading Embedded IFrame Dashboards Filter Values from Parent Frame ?

    David Nanson

      We are building a web-application, Tableau Dashboards will be embedded in the web-pages using the IFrame Method, a simple example:


      <iframe src="http://localhost:8000/views/EdgeExample1/Dashboard1" width="800" height="600"></iframe>


      In this example the dashboard has 2 filters on Product and Channel. If we wanted to load the dashboard with these 2 filters set we we would use this URL string:




      Or in the Iframe Example:


      <iframe src="http://localhost:8000/views/EdgeExample1/Dashboard1?product_id=1&channel_id=2" width="800" height="600"></iframe>


      So, the Iframe loads the Dashboard and the user can interact with the dashboard and set different values for Product_id and Channel_id by using the tick-box filters on the dashboard.


      The Question is this:

      For our purposes we want to know what values the user has reset the filters to. IE we want the web-application to know what the current values for Product_id and Channel_id are. Theoretically, to do this the parent frame for the tableau dashboard Iframe will need to be able to read the current values for Product_id and Channel_id from the Tableau Dashbaord Iframe.


      Has anyone done this / tried this successfully? Should it be possible? Any other suggestions?