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    Joining data from two worksheets on one Dashboard

    Grzegorz Mikulski

      Dear Community,


      I'm new to Tableu so I was hoping that you could lend me a hand.


      My database is Excel based - I used pivots and Powerpoint/ThinkCell to create dashboards. Now I'm buildung my first dashboard in Tableu and cannot find an answer in Manual...


      Anyway, I managed to extract the data I needed in two separate worksheets. In Excel I have a column PeriodCd that indicates A (Actuals) or B (Budget).


      For first worksheet I filter PeriodCd (only A) to get Average FTE (running) and FTE (as I filtered A this is Actual FTE).


      In Second worksheet I have FTE (Actual - Budget) - so PeriodCd is no longer a filter, but presented in columns.


      D3 FTE Domain per agency.png

      Anyway - I'd like to present the two above tables (dashboard) as one table... Is there a way to join two together? Or present next to each other and hide columns I marked in red?


      Or maybe I do not need two worksheets to calculate this after all?


      I guess for some of you this might be a trivial question, but please let me know what are my options.


      Thanks and regards,