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    Unable to connect to a data source defined on the Tableau server

      I just downloaded a trial of Tableau so this may very well be a dumb error on my part but I'm having a hard time trying to connect to a data source that's defined on the Tableau server. Here's what I've done.


      As an administrator, using Tableau Desktop I created a new data source, hooking up to a SQL Server database. I then published this data source. In the permissions options, Administrator is listed as a Data Source Editor. Authentication is set to "Server Run as Account".


      I then create a new project in Tableau Desktop and attempt to connect to the Data Source I just created. I select "On a Server" --> "Tableau Server" and provide my admin credentials. I happily see the Data Source I just created. However, when I click on the data source to select it, I get prompted for credentials. I provide my admin credentials (those which allow me to access the Tableau Server) but the credentials are not accepted. I don't get any message back informing me of what's going on - I simply get the User / Password boxes again.


      Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


      I'm assuming that the credentials being asked for are my Tableau creds, not the creds to access the actual underlying database (I tried using those just in case but saw the same issue so I'm really assuming this isn't what's being asked for).