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    Adding color dimension to bullet graph OR reference lines to stacked bar graph?

    Lindsay Bauer



      I'm trying to add a color dimension to a bullet graph and am having some issues.  My problem can also be described as trying to add reference lines to a stacked bar graph.


      The attached workbook has a bullet graph on sheet 1.  What I'd like to do is add the dimension "Link Status" to "Color" in the marks box and see a color breakdown of link status, like on sheet 2. 


      When I try to add "Link Status" to "Color" on the bullet graph on sheet 1, the reference lines for each month ("Contracted Links" from the secondary data source) become skewed.  Taking a different approach, when I try to add reference lines for "Contracted Links" on sheet 2, the reference lines show up incorrectly.


      My goal is to visually see number of links, link status, and total contracted links by month.


      Any help is greatly appreciated!  This is my first time posting, so please let me know if the workbook didn't fully attach.