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    User Defined Column Shelf - Dates

    Douglas Ranahan

      Within my multiple data sources, I have 2 date fields, let's call them [Trans Date] and [Program Date].  I have several dashboards that trend and analyze all of my data based on the [Trans Date].  My customer has asked for all of the reports to be based on [Trans Date] or [Program Date].  Is there a way, other than recreating all of the workbooks/dashboards with [Program Date], to provide the user the capability through a drop down select to change the date in Tableau Server 7.0?

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          Gregg Thomas

          Hi Doug,


          I recently did something similar by allowing the user to change the view from a weekly basis to a period basis. 


          1) Create a Parameter (for example called Date Filter) with Data type as "String" , then enter value options as "Transaction Date" and "Program Date"

          2) Create a Calculated field using the parameter:


          CASE [Date Filter]

          when "Transaction Date" then [Trans Date]

          when "Program Date" then [Program Date]



          Add the parameter control to your worksheet and put the calculated field on the column or row where you normally would put either trans date or program date.


          The user can then select either Transaction date or Program Date and the date field on the graph will change accordingly.


          Hope that helps!


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            Douglas Ranahan

            Thank you.  It worked perfectly!