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    Admin Login Failure

    Nkosi Smart



      I've recently installed Tableau server onto my machine. The setup and everything went fine, I was able to log into it without problems for about a week or so...then suddenly I could not log into it with my admin credentials.


      I'm stuck and I'm not sure what to do...can I get some help? I've tried uninstalling then deleting the Tableau Server folder in my program files folder but to no avail.

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          James Baker

          If you're trying for a clean/fresh start, you'll need to delete the Tableau Server folder from your ProgramData folder (by default hidden at C:\ProgramData) as well - that's where your actual database is stored.


          If you'd like to investigate the actual log in problem further (are you using Active Directory auth? Did anything else change?), feel free to open a support case.  Though that might be tough if you've already attempted to wipe things clean.

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            Nkosi Smart

            Thanks for your response James but I solved my problem. I went into command prompt and cd straight into the bin folder and ran the "tabadmin reset" command. When I logged into server it sent me to the page to create a new admin account.


            It kind of sucks I didn't get to try your method, I didn't know the files were in a hidden folder..what is the name of the file that contains the user login information? I am using Local Authentication method .

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              James Baker

              Well good, that's what the reset commands is for.  The login information is not accessible via other/normal means.

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                Tim Latendress

                This happened to me today as well. I was on as Admin all weekend. But today when I needed to login I found out that not only was I not an Admin but I was now Unlicensed!  Fortunately my backup admin reset my properties. Since this seems to have occured to others I am curious to know what is causing this issue.  Something in 7.0.3?

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                  James Baker

                  That is worrying!  Tim, could you tell Support about this please?  I wonder if it's a licensing code problem.  Right now there's no guarantee that this might not happen to you again, let alone others.

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                    Tim Latendress

                    I sure will. Just asked my systems guy to send me the Log files.


                    Thanks James.