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    How to create index from aggregated data?

    Jennifer Thomas

      Running against Teradata, I have Transaction-Level data that needs to be aggregated to a Transaction Type.  I'd like to create an Index calculation showing how each Transaction Type compares to an overall average.  For example, Transaction Type C is $3.80 on average compared to the all transaction average of $6.60.  The index would be (3.80/6.60)*100 = 58.


      Normally I'd just create a view in Teradata that computes the averages by Transaction Type and calculates the Index. Then I'd point Tableau to this aggregated view.  How can I point Tableau to lowest level of Transaction (see RawData worksheet in the attached workbook) and still get to Transaction Type Averages (see Avgs by Type worksheet) and to Comparison of Transaction Type to Overall (see Index to All worksheet) through table calculations?