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    Share button in Tableau Public generating bad URL

    Steve Wexler



      I like that the share button in Tableau public generates a short URL, but the URL is creates does not respect that I want tabs to be visiable in the visualization.  Here are the steps to reproduce.


      1. Go to http://public.tableausoftware.com/views/DataRevelations_CTO_CompEquity_2012/CompensationandEquityTrendAnalysis2009-2011?:embed=y.
      2. Notice there are tabs along the top.  These tabs are needed for the navigation buttons to work.
      3. Click the share button and copy the e-mail link.  Tableau will create a URL that looks like this: http://public.tableausoftware.com/shared/2KHN5B2HJ
      4. Go to this URL.  The viz is there but there are no tabs.