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    Thoughts on Capturing 'Unknown'

    Shawn Wallwork

      Hi folks,


      We download data from Double-Click for Advertisers for our clients each week. It' looks like this:




      We then map this using the State field. You'll notice the yellow highlighted cells don't correspond to US states; they're either Canadian Provinces or the IP address wasn't set. This produces a map with 'unknown' locations:




      In this case the map is displaying Impressions by state. Here's my question: Can anyone think of a way to capture these unknown locations into a group so we can display all the unknown impressions as a total? It seems there must be a variable somewhere that Tableau is using to determine how many of them there are. Is there anyway to get at them in a calculated field. It would be great to write something like:


      IIF([State]=unknown, SUM([measure_values], 0)


      (I figured I'd throw in that [measure_values] thing again, as it does answer Russell's question from way back last November:  http://community.tableau.com/thread/114746)


      Any thoughts, work-arounds, or even a 'Can't be done at this time' would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,