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    Simple selection of users from transactions

    Bruce Sattley

      So my question is simple, but, I have a hard time figuring just how to do this.  Here is an example of what I want to do.


      Say I am a coffee shop and I sell coffee, latte, tea and croissants.


      Let's say I have a customer ID and a row for every transaction item a customer buys (i.e. customer123, coffee, date )


      What I want to do is select all the customers who bought coffee in the month, and then also see all the other items they also purchased.  So, I cannot filter on "coffee".

      What is the best way to pull a set of customers, based on a series of transaction detail?

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          Richard Leeke

          The easiest way I can think of is to define a multiple table connection, joining your transaction table to itself based on customer ID.


          Then filter on one copy of item, which will now show you a row for each transaction for each of the customers who match that first filter. You'll probably need to play with the join conditions and/or the filter criteria to get just the other transactions done in the same month.


          Post a simple sample if you get stuck.