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    Row Calculation problem

      Benoit, sorry to intrude but I have a similar problem too.

      My excel sheet is of the form:




      ELEMENT_CLASSIFICATION can be Earnings or Deductions


      So you can have for example:


      SM983, Basic Salary, 500, Earnings

      SM983, Tax, 20, Deductions


      And this repeats for a number of employees.

      I have added employee number in the row, and element row in column. I have then dropped pay value as the value for the ELEMENT_NAME.


      So my spreadsheet becomes:



      EMPLOYEE_NUMBER                 BASIC_SALARY     CAR_ALLOWANCE       TAX          TOT_EA   TOT_DED


      SM983                                              500                               40                                  29             540           29


      What I want to do is to have two calculations called Total Earnings and Total Deductions. I tried this calculation:




      But when I try to drop it after REPORTING_NAME or EMPLOYEE_NAME it shows up with a weird figure I know nothing about. I have tried converting my calculation to a dimension by casting it as STR() but this doesn't seem to work either. Is there any way to have calculations on rows.

      Also I used oracle discoverer previously and you have commands like SUM RESULT_VALUE over ELEMENT_CLASSIFICATION e.t.c but the tableau calculations seem very basic to me. Any guys can help?