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    Field Filter Action in two Sheets

    Alex .


      In the workbook that I send, you can see I have a Dashboard with two sheets, ok, the first sheet it does is show companies and puts me in different columns of 30 days, 60 days, 90 days etc. .. different amounts of the invoices by date.

      The second sheet below, I wish I could see only the details of the invoices as you select the client. For example, if the customer clicks on the sheet 1 in the value of the field 30 days the sheet 2 is updated and show only invoices making reference to 30 days of that company. Thus with the rest of the fields of days.

      Currently only I could learn to make the second sheet is updated as you change the client, but show me ALL customer bills, and I'm interested in showing me that only the user has selected.

      Just wondering if there is any way so that if the customer does not select anything on the sheet 1 as in the sheet 2 does not appear anything, leave blank.

      I want to thank in advance the interest in this message and also to apologize if the message in English has some typographical errors.

      thank you very much