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    How to diagnose and resolve Tableau Server 'Out of memory' issues?

    Tom Walter



      We have several users reporting that they get 'Out of memory' errors when they attempt to access workbooks on our Tableau Server.


      These appear to be intermittent, they affect some users but not others, even when using the same workbook. And they sometimes go away if a user logs out and logs back in.


      From looking at the server's own performance stats, it is not the server as a whole that is running out of memory. It appears that a single process will get to 2gb of memory usage and then the issue will occur. We have actually looked in the server performance analyser and seen a VizQL process sitting at 1950MB, and then run a report, and watched it creep up to hit 2048 and then die on the front end at the same time.


      I understand that the VizQL processes are 32bit, and therefore are limited to accessing 2gb of memory in total. However most of the reports we are running only seem to take up in the region of 10s or 100s of MB to process.


      I know that the VizQL processes maintain their own caches. And we do have caching set to 'Refresh less often'. But I would have thought that even in this mode, the processes would be smart enough to clear out cached data in order to support the running report, rather than simply running out of memory.


      I can't for the life of me figure out WHICH of the many types of log files to investigate to try and determine what is going wrong here. Does anyone have any tips about where we should look to resolve this issue?