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    How do you use Tableau in Higher Ed?


      Tableau is a great tool. How do you use it to meet the BI needs in a higher ed organization?

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          Roger Pederson

          We use it for our development group.  We are creating ways to view the information stored in our Advancement system in an easier to understand and more dynamic way.

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            Michael Eeley

            I use it extensively within graduate admissions at Oxford University. I have used it to analyse survey results, monitor year on year changes in applications, produce applicant profile reports, monitoring intake v targets etc etc. I find it particularly helpful for reviewing longer term data sets (such as 5 years), as it helps to quickly identify patterns and trends. I'm also working on a public facing dataset for our website.

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              Heather Campbell

              We began using Tableau early 2012 for our Development Office at Princeton University.  We've found the tool to be extremely valuable in our analytics (metrics, exploratory, prospect management, etc.) projects.  Previously we were doing all our work in excel and SPSS, preparing final products in Powerpoint - at which point the analysis becomes outdated.  Now we are constructing our analyses dynamically, publishing dashboards which users can interact with - with "live" data. 


              We are still struggling with learning the deeper functionality of the tool (adv table calcs, pages function, dashboard interactivity, etc.) but it's worth it!  Great to see this group formed.  We've found the community forum very helpful.

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                I am in Higher Ed. and new to Tableau.  Can anyone share a link or visual exampple of how you have used this software?



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                  Dustin Smith

                  Hi Michael,


                  Those are great!!  Love to see the use of Tableau Public as well so that it's live and online.  Have you thought of actually embedding the dashboards on the Oxford site itself similar to what Utah Valley University has done? http://www.uvu.edu/iri/academicprograms/statistics.html



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                    Michael Eeley

                    Hi Dustin,


                    Thanks for the positive comments and link to Utah, it's always good to see what other people are doing. Whether to embed or have a link is something we have discussed, our main issue with embedding the reports is that our webpages are set up in a way that significantly limits the space available for the report. This would mean quite a lot of compromising on the presentation. At the time of publishing the reports I linked before it was decided that the links were the better option.


                    I'm currently working on some new reports and looking at the possibility of providing some basic embedded data with links to the more comprehensive data. With having to take into account various different screen sizes (laptops/Ipads etc) we're currently testing out different options and will have to assess what works best.


                    I'll post links once we've got anything up and running!





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                      Hi all,

                      We recently implemented Tableau at West Coast University and looking to find a consultant to assist in bringing some of our IT staff upto speed on using the software and building some standard reports.  Anyone know of a private consultant (outside of Tableau staff) who might be interested?  We are trying to quickly ramp up on some reports and Vizuals in the midst of other major projects.


                      Thanks in advance,


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                        Dustin Smith

                        Hi Keith,


                        You might also try posting in the the Job Listings area since I know some of our non-employee consultants track that page closely.


                        I also know of several individuals using Tableau in Higher Ed organizations that might be willing to share a list of resources they used to help self-teach themselves.  Would you be interested in being put in contact with them?




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                          Hi Dustin,

                          Thanks for the tip, and it would be great to get some contact within Higher Ed. who use/know tableau.

                          Thanks for the connections,


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                            Justin Smith

                            I'm new to Tableau (and my job in higher ed) but I have been using it in a number of ways.


                            First, Admin really appreciated grade distributions in a bar chart format instead of the text table report they received before. From there, I have put together a comparison tool to be able to compare the distributions of different instructors, by semester, length of course etc. An added bonus is I have been able to retain the text table aspect in Tableau as well so they can toggle back and forth between it. Plus, the filters allow them to create a text table for just the classes they want instead of rewriting the old report.


                            One of the favorite is I took our big book of state authorization information and put it into Tableau. I placed a map on one side of the dashboard of the states, and a web page that displays a .pdf of the scanned information on the other side. When you click a state, it displays the information we have collected on it. The map is color coded based on expiration. Tooltips include cost, number of students per state, and who is working on gathering information on that state. Now, all parties working on it can update the .pdf that's stored on a shared drive, and others can see the updated information without having to figure out who's book it is in.


                            I have also worked on mapping our online students vs traditional students, and making an interactive map of our campus for tracking room usage, materials in each room, maintenance records, etc.



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                              Jil Wright

                              The Utah site is great. How did they embed? I only have the desktop version. Do you have to have tableau server to do that?


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                                Nicole Kraft


                                It looks like UVU uses server to publish. But, you can publish using Tableau Public with your desktop version.


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                                  Michael Le

                                  One of my favorite curated lists is the Viz “in the Wild” (public) from Cornell. It only covers Tableau Public and Tableau Server Dashboards embedded publically, but you can get a solid idea of how Tableau is being used. 


                                  If you're looking for visualizations, the AIR Visual Display of Data is a good place to get inspiration. I have two private projects published there. One on using a cluster analysis and another about creating an infographic type report that needs to be refreshed frequently.

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