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    Use as filter work around for having "global" filter local to the dashboard not working.


      Hello everyone,


      I would also like to see a "county" filter for tableau (local --> country --> global). I saw a work around on VizWiz's blog that uses the "use as filter" option on the worksheet.


      I am pretty sure you have seen something like this online but just in case I’m going to explain: you make a worksheet but on the dashboard you format it so it looks like a filter control. When the user selects, it applies the filter to all the sheets on the dashboard.


      What I am stumped on is that the filters work fine except for one case: 4.6. I am more curious why it doesnt work than being able to use this work around...


      The attached workbook has just the bare minimum to show the problem I’m having. I thought maybe I had conflicts with the other pages but doesn’t seem to be the case. When I filter for the 4.6, on the page being filtered, it is not selected. Any help would be very much appreciated.