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    Filters using fields with multiple values

    Steve Jones

      Hallo everyone,


      Relative newbie as regards Tableau, creating very simple charts so far. Have hit the buffers with a particular data source I'm using. Basically I have a set of products in one column of my data which are associated with particular locations. Those locations are listed in a second column. So it looks like this:


      Product nameLocation
      Product 1London, New York, Berlin
      Product 2Shanghai, London
      Product 3New York


      ....and so on. Some products only have one location, others might have multiple locations.


      What I would like to do is set a multiple value list filter that allows me to click on (for example) "London", and return the data for Product 1 and Product 2, despite the fact that those products are associated with several other offices besides the one I've clicked.


      Does anyone know if that is possible to set up? If so, any pointers as to how I might go about setting it up would be hugely appreciated!


      Many thanks in advance for your help.