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    Need a running_sum to ignore date filter on chart

    Tim Hill

      I have a chart where I want to display a line representing Users, another line representing Accounts, and a third line representing the Total Accounts for each month or Running_Sum.  Creating a calculated field that is RUNNING_SUM(SUM([Accounts])) does correctly show the Total Accounts as they grow over time; however, when the chart is filtered to show fewer months it also filters the data that the RUNNING_SUM is calculated over.  How do I make the RUNNING_SUM always be calculated over all of the Accounts regardless of how the chart is restricted by month?  None of the options I have for the table calculation of Total Accounts seems to fix this but I would suspect there is a way to do this so that I always have the Total of all Accounts and not just the Accounts currently being displayed in the chart.  I'm attaching an example workbook that only has partial data for Users but has all data for Accounts and therefore Total Accounts.  Any help is greatly appreciated.