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    Quickly filtering out a middle set of values, leaving the outside ranges.

    Ryan Shirley

      Ok, so I created a calculated field which I simply called 'RtlWSRatio'. This is a ratio which calculates the sum of retail and divides by the sum of wholesale. The thought being that if the ratio is below 1 then the dealer retailed less product than we wholesaled to them (meaning they have abundant stock). If it is above 1 then the dealer retailed more product than we wholesaled to them and they theoretically have room for more inventory. However, the ratio of 1 (or very close to it) means that they should be at their theoretical status quo, so we want to filter this range out so only the "trouble" dealers get the attention. So what we want to do is be able to filter out the range of 0.9 to 1.1. I was hoping that in the Quick Filter I could simply switch the slider parameter from "Show the following values" to "Do NOT show the following values" but this is not available. What is the best way to accomplish this? Thank you!