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    How can I add shading to line chart to highlight time periods (months where US economy in recession)?

    Mark Strand

      I have a data set (attached) of monthly unit sales volume over time since January 1999.  I would like to add shading to those periods when the US economy was in recession.  For example, March 2001 to November 2001 and December 2007 to June 2009.  I downloaded the file posted by Joe Mako illustrating shading of weekends but can't seem to duplicate...


      Can someone look at the attached file and let me know what I missed?


      I want to do exactly was done in the weekend_refernce.tbwx file, also attached, but rather than shade through blocs of days, I wanted to shade months (data points are monthly intervals).  I took a stab at starting following the posted example for weekends but didn't get anywhere.


      Any help would be appreciated.