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    Assign a paramater value to a specific row of data?



      I'm working on a demonstration to show how you could use Tableau to model billet assignments.  I have a dimension "Division Assigned" which has the assigned location of a billet (ex: IT, FIN, HR, OPS1, etc).  I created a Parameter "Division Re-Assigned" (with all the values of Division Assigned), however when I change the value, it changes all of the records.  How do I set this up to isolate a single record to change the parameter?




      Tracey, I'd like to be able to basically have a "to-be" field that the user could change within a given range of values ("The Billet Widget"), for a specific row of data.  When I make the change it cascades to all rows of data.  Does that make sense?  I've attached the .twbx file for your review..Thanks!