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    Context Filters

    Stewart Mcmillan

      I am trying to get context filters to work on tableau 7 and from what I can tell so far I see no difference before and after applying context.


      The situation is this


      I have a single table inventory on a remote sql server.  I can connect to that table and it brings in the data perfectly 29,000 rows.


      I put into the filter window part number and calssification (think of it as types of furniture)   SO I am displaying on the row shelf part number classification and description.    I then set the filter on classification to context.  My thought is that the number of rows brought in should reduce to just the number of items that match my filter AND that the part numbers in the part numbers window (I have show filters on for both) should be reduced to just the part numbers that meet the classification criteria.      There is no error when I add classification to context and yet when I refresh the data I still get 29,000 rows and I still get every part number in the main inventory table listed in the show filter window instead of what I would expect that being that only the part numbers that match the selected classification should show.


      I have verified that I have permissions on the sql server to create a table.  If there IS an error being created where would I look log wise to find it?



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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Stewart,


          Are you actually filtering anything out or simply placing the fields on the shelf, leaving all the members of the fields checked and then adding to context? Would you be able to provide a packaged workbook (twbx file) or screen shots? Thanks!



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            Stewart Mcmillan

            Yes I am filtering out one classification of inventory item
            which has about 30 part numbers in its record set and yet in the show filter
            window for part number it still shows all 29000 plus part numbers.


                Since it is a single table I could make an extract workbook
            and send that. I started to try using context on a complex sheet and could not
            get it and thought it was a function of the complexity of the sheet. I dumbed
            the sheet way down to one table and three fields on the row and two filters one
            that was set as a context filter. 


            I thought it was a problem with creating the temp table on
            the server but that should show me some kind of error right?






            As of now I can see no difference in the behavior of the sheet
            whether or not the context option is on.






            Should I send a workbook with data extract?

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              Stewart Mcmillan

              I just saw anothe rpost about relevent values on filters.  I went back and changed my filters to show only relevent values and that took the filter down to what I would have expected by setting the context.


              So I got what I needed for now but I still do not understand how if setting a context limts the record set that the filters can still show all the values that were present BEFORE the context was set.


              Does not seem to be the expected behavior