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    Filter fields

      Can this functionality done using tableau ....



      In this dashboard I am selecting channel and segment from the filter field Rows(checkbox), then I am getting values for channel and Segment in selection field.

      After this I am selecting value ONLINE STORE(ONL) from Channel and Consumer from Segment then I am getting sales data in tabular form for these two values(ONLINE STORE(ONL) and Consumer)


      Thank you.

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          Tracy Rodgers

          HI Minakshi,


          I'm not sure I completely understand this layout. However, from what is written, I believe you want to make a selection in the first filter, and based on that select different values will appear in the other filters? Then, selecting one of those will give you the data?


          If this is the kind of functionality you are referring to, then yes, by using Only Relevant Values in the subsequent quick filters will only show data that is available based on the previous quick filter. To use this function, right click in the upper right corner of the quick filter and select Only Relevant Values.


          Hope this helps!



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