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    Top N with Ties

    ernesto debeaumarchais

      This might be a really basic question, but I haven't been able to find an answer to it.


      If I have this dataset

      Name Goals

      A      20

      B      19

      C      18

      D      17

      E      16

      F      15

      G      14

      H      10

      I        10

      J       10

      K      10

      L       10


      And I add a top 10 filter to Name based on Goals-Sum, I get records A- J.  Obviously the last 5 records all have the same value, so how does Tableau decide which records to fill the last 3 spots with?  Is it just random, or just how it appears in the dataset, which is what it looks like here?


      Also, SQL has a WITH TIES option that will display all the ties, even if that means exceeding the TOP N number.  So, in this case, it would display records A-L.  Can that be done in Tableau?