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    index not  change dynamically

    Gavriel  Bernstein

      Hi evreyone,


      i tried to understand why the index() function not change dynamically acording to my table.Capture.JPG

      i know i something about my table calculation filter...

      some can explain me what i dont understand? if thier anather wey to do that?



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          Richard Leeke

          Filters on most fields (i.e. database fields and simple calculations which are evaluated in the database) are applied before returning rows to Tableau. So when you filter on LogType your index value does change. But filters on table calculations are applied after all table calculations have been evaluated. If you think about it, it has to be that way - it's not possible to filter on the results of table calculations before they've been evaluated! So the index() is reporting the position of the row in the resultset before any table calculation filters have been applied.

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            Gavriel  Bernstein

            Hi Richard,


            thank for your quick answer.


            do you have any idea how i can get the same result in differnt way?


            need to calculate the differnt between the 3 column. like table calculation: differnt from.