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    Guess who? Some Tableau fun

    Andy Cotgreave

      Here's some fun by one of our own, Louis Archer. Check all the filters and see if you can work out who everyone is.

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          Jon Boeckenstedt

          Been waiting for someone to get this.  I know the themes but not all the characters specifically. 


          a) is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (I like turtles)

          b) is the Southpark characters: Kyle, Stan, Cartman and Kenny

          c) is obviously the Simpsons

          d) is Batman, Joker, Robin, etc

          e) is the Super Mario characters

          f) is the Star Wars Characters, including Darth Vader, CP3O and R2D2


          This was fun. I got help from my daughter on a couple; I thought e) was Fairly Odd Parents at first.