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    overlapping text in crosstab

    Jim Stanley

      I have a crosstab with overlapping text and looking for tips or ideas on how to resolve the problem.


      I'm trying to show activity over time for various entities. These entities change state over time, i.e. at different points in time these entities have activity that is either a) commercial in nature or b) non-commercial. a) and b) never happen at exactly the same time but do occur in the same aggregated date windows (e.g. a month).


      I have a view (crosstab) that has all of the entities I want to track in rows, the activity as text, and I am using color to differentiate between a) and b) activity states (commericial or non-commercial). But Tableau overlays the text (activity data) in the cells when a) and b) occur in the same month.


      I've attached and excel with sample data, created by copying the crosstab data in my workbook. When I put in excel it creates new rows for each entity that has multiple states.


      I'm not sure what I want to do to clean this up exactly, but here's a premise:.


      - All entities have just one row

      - Date&time is plotted in colums

      - Activity type for any entity color-coded to denote type of activity (done currently by dropping entity type dimension on Color in Marks)

      - For date ranges with activity types a) and b) ... don't overlay data, but do one of the following:


      1) sum a) and b) activity within a date_time range but show a new color for date_time ranges with a+b

      2) don't show activity for b) activity type when a) occurs in the same date_time range

      3) something else...


      Any ideas/tips appreciated!