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    Reference Line base on a calculation

    Allison Suarez

      I am trying to include an upper control limit on a run chart (line chart).  Can I use a calculation in a reference line?  I also can't get the calulation to work.  Here is what I am working with calculation wise. 


      Average (count(service request)  - - - - service request is a string (unique identifier for calls that come in)

      stdev (count(service request)


      Upper control limit calc = Average(count(service request) + (3*stdev(count(service request)))


      Based on the raw numbers I should get

      Average = 15.57

      stdev = 8.57

      UCL = 41.29


      I guess the better question is can Tableau do this for me though some sort of statistical analysis that I am not aware of?

      I attached a workbook below.


      Thanks for any help you can provide.