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    How to sum the max of a measure

      I have a measure that I need to display the max for each employee, how do I sum the max field in the grand total?

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          Jonathan Drummey

          Tableau's one-click sub total and grand total calculations are fairly limited. Tableau's behavior is that grand total cells for SUM() aggregations show the sum of everything in the table, while for MIN(), MAX(), and AVG() aggregations they show the table minimium, maximum, or average.


          To customize the grand total, you have two options: The easier one is to create a separate worksheet that has the total calculations you want for each measure, then line up the original worksheet and grand total worksheet on a dashboard. It's not necessarily as pretty as Tableau's built-in formatting, but it works. The more complex option is to make use of table calculations that will override what Tableau does, and depending on your data may require every other calculation to change as well. I outlined a method for doing this here: http://community.tableau.com/thread/116854.



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            Moe Behgooy

            I don't know if the version you were using back then gave you this capability, but at least in 8.2, you can right-click on your measure that you are performing calculations other than sum and go to "Total Using" --> "Sum." This should give you the correct sub/grand-totals if, say, you are showing a max.