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    Printing a multi-sheet dashboard

      Does anyone know how to accomplish this? Has anyone figured out a work-around?



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          If the dashboard is on a server, and the server is version 7, then you can specify a sheet to print (instead of the whole dashboard), which will produce a multi-page PDF for large sheets, compared to just what you see on the screen when printing a dashboard.

          Of course, this will not print any other sheets on the dashboard. I can't think of a way to print everything on a dashboard while extending large sheets to multiple pages.


          multi-page dashboard.png

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            Dave Araujo

            too many requirements. IF you're using server...IF it's version 7.


            Some of us don't use server, but still want our multi page dashboards to pring in multi pages automatically.


            The only way I've gotten this to work is to duplicate the dashboard, then use the scroll bar .  I have to make more pages if the scroll bar doesn't capture all of it on one page, or if I can't resize the row.

            If when you select Print or Print to PDF, you must check the Show Selections box, AND remember to not have a cell selected.


            I wish you could, make the print function on the dashboard the same as for worksheets.