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    Creating a selection of Pre-Set Quick Filters?

    James Eichinger

      Perhaps this may be more of a feature request.


      We have a dashboard for fundraisers in which they can look at a specific MSA and do 1 of 3 different actions.

      • Look for Prospective Donors who are not currently managed.
      • Look for Prospective Donors who are managed but have not had a visit is a certain window of time (typically 1 year).
      • Look at people not identified as Prospective Donors, but are suspected as having potential.


      Now each of these options require a certain configuration of the Dashboard's quickfilters. To users that have a modest amount of technical savvy, this isn't a problem. But most fundraisers have trouble with technology (at least that I've known). What I thought might help is a master quickfilter that changes the others based upon preset configurations. So a user can select one of the three configurations I listed above, instead of having to go through and adjust each of the 6 quickfilters depending on what they want to see.


      Think of it this way. We can already set quickfilters to a single default when we upload it to Server. Why not give us the ability to set multiple defaults with a Toggle or Pulldown filter to move between them?