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    Tableau Javascript API Documentation

      I was wondering just what exactly the Javascript API for Tableau Server can do. The documentation I can find is very sparse. I have found a few examples of how do to certain tasks, but I would like to know a list of what can be done. Can I change or select points on a graph programatically? Can I change measure colors?


      Maybe I'm just overlooking something obvious. Thank you for the help.

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          Joel Morris

          No you not missing something Tom; the documentation is a bit sparse on this subject.  The focus of the JavaScript API is to be able to pass parameters to Tableau which Tableau implicitly understands.  The parameters are limited to altering the way a view is displayed and the possible parameters which can be passed are listed here.  The online documentation covers at a high level the format for passing these parameters to Tableau, but essentially you need to use the param name with the name equal to the object parameter name.  It is then a matter of passing values in from your own script logic.

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            Jelle Bart van Breest Smallenburg

            Hello Joel,


            I have one question regarding the API I could not find the answer in documentation. Maybe you can help me on this topic.


            When you install Tableau Server on a server, by default the Tableau Javascript API is available on that same server or do you have to install a separate API package?




            Jelle Bart