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    Drill Down



      What are the different ways to create a drill down analysis in Tableau?

      1. One is to use actions.

      2. Other is to put all the variables in rows or columns. And click on the plus sign to expand the variables.

      Is there any other way to drill down for results?


      I want to use actions to drill down from first chart to second chart to third chart to fourth chart in the dashboard? How can I do that? Is it the optimal way to do so?

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          Alex Kerin

          What is it about actions that doesn't work for you?

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            Tracy Rodgers

            Hi Ashim,


            I have reattached your workbook with Dashboard 2. Is this the desired functionality? If so, take a look at the actions of this page. For each Source Sheet, there is only 1 Target sheet (so that one worksheet won't effect them all). Hope this helps!



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              Thanks a lot for your reply. Your solution partially gives an answer to my problem.


              Let me give another workbook to bring about the problem at hand.


              There are 20 sales persons in Florida

              Out of the sales persons in Florida, how many sell pens? Using the action, I can see that there are 9 sales persons in Florida selling pens.

              Out of those 9 salesperson who are in Florida and sell pens, how many sales persons are in region A?

              Now here comes the problem. Using actions, the answer to this question should be less than 9. But I get result for all figures in the third chart.

              Similarly if I want to know, out of those people who are in Florida and sell pens and are in region A, how many sales persons sell calculators in region B?


              I want to answer all the questions using actions.