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    Print to PDF: Unspecified Size



      When working in Tableau Desktop, I have a few worksheets in my workbook that are very large (several pages on A4 sized paper without scaling).


      In Tableau 6, when I did a "Print to PDF" with the paper size set to "Unspecified", each worksheet took up one page in the resulting PDF file - some pages were smaller, and some much larger than the A4 size.  This is exactly what I'm trying to accomplish, as I'm not concerned with printing to paper.


      However, now in Tableau 7, when I do the same thing, ithe "Unspecified" setting prints to A4 pages, splitting up the larger worksheets onto several different pages, and leaving lots of white-space on the smaller worksheets.


      Has anybody else come across this?  Is there a workaround or something I'm missing in the "Page Setup" settings?