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    Highlighted items don't appear on all pages when printing

    Michael Crow

      Hi –

      I have created a worksheet that benchmarks organizational units against each other. The organizational units, which are aliased for anonymity, are in rows, with values on the columns shelf represented by bars. The units are compared on 11 different metrics, which are on the pages shelf. Organizational units are also on the color shelf. I've turned on highlighting, and when I click on an individual organizational unit, that unit is highlighted on every page in that worksheet. Exactly what I'm looking for – each unit gets a report of how they compare to the other units, which remain anonymous. Trouble is, I need to distribute by PDF, and when I PDF, I only get highlighting on the page that is visible – not for any of the other pages. Any suggestions? I have also tried using the highlight tool in the toolbar, selecting organizational unit, to no avail.

      Thanks in advance for any help.