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    Navigating through the dates in the data



      I have a data for two years, say 2010 and 2011 and both these years have dates from January 1 to December 31. I want to represent the comparison of the data for this two years in Tableau 7.0 where I have the freedom to choose the "time filter". Suppose, if i want to see the comparison between week no. 26 to week no. 42 of both the years or I have the freedom two choose the number of days for which i want to see the comparison then I am gonna have this filter in tableau.


      I want this filter just because if anyone access the workbook from Tableau Reader 7.0 then he or she has the freedom to navigate through the time-frame.


      Thanks for the answer.

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          Alex Kerin

          I would probably use 2 date parameters set at the level you want (let's use weeks in this example), a calculation with something like:


          [param1]=datetrunc('week',[Date field from data]) or [param2]=datetrunc('week',[Date field from data])


          Drag this to the filter with true and then create your chart around this.

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