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    Changing Fiscal Year Name

    Ryan Shirley

      I have a date field, and I used the "Fiscal Year Start" to set it to April (April 1 is our Fiscal Year start). When I do this, I get the most recent data (retail and wholesale numbers from April 1, 2011 through February 29, 2012) as being called "FY 2012". However, this is actually our Fiscal Year 2011...so I need to move the FY names back a year. Sounds like it should be super easy...but I can't find where to make this change. I can't rename the alias, or anything like that, so I don't know where to look for this change. Thanks in advance!

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Ryan, this sounds a bit strange. I've attached the Coffee Chain showing the FY set to April. Looks like this:


          If you're not getting this result, there must be something going on with your data. Post a sample workbook if you can.



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            Alex Kerin

            I ran into this last week, the issue is not the selection of month, but rather what they call it, a year different that what is a little more usual. Look below, the top is the resulting year from Tableau, what they call FY2011, starting in April 2010. Ryan's company calls the fiscal year starting in April 2010, FY 2010. One way to fix this is with a calculation to subtract a year:




            This is the second level of labels.


            and use this only for labeling purposes. I'm trying to think if there are any caveats to doing this.



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              Ryan Shirley



              That is what is coming up in Tableau, but as Alex has shown, this is not what I need. It's unfortunate that something which should be easy to change is not included in the basic features. Hopefully in an update down the road =)




              I guess this work around could work if there is no other way to do it...have you figured out any caveats? You suggested using it as a Label only, does that mean that I can't use it as filter? Right now I have a global filter on the Date field at the year level so I can quickly switch between seeing retail or wholesale between different years...only the years are labeled incorrectly.

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                Alex Kerin

                You can use it as a filter with no problem, as Feb 29th is away from your start, that shouldn't be an issue.


                I say use it as a year label only because you don't want people looking up March 13th 2009 and actually seeing March 13th 2008.. Use your real date for that.


                I think you're good to go...

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                  Ryan Shirley

                  Oh, I gotcha. Thank you for the help.

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                    Alex Kerin

                    Thinking about this more, this would be much safer, as it cannot be used as a date:


                    "FY " + str(datepart('year',dateadd('month',-3,[Order Date])))


                    See if that matches your expectation for what your FY is.

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                      Sue Steckle

                      Thanks for this solution, Alex Kerin. It did the trick but would be nice to be able to set the FY range (year as well as month) in Tableau itself and now have to solve these basic issues with calculations.


                      Does anyone know of a related feature request that can be upvoted?