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    Comparing date ranges

    Dylan Spencer

      I'm trying to understand the correlation between two dates. Our data is structured similar to the table below. I'd like to compare the metrics from one date to a second date to see if there is a correlation between the two days. I'd like to create a calculated field similar to IF Date = 2/1/2012 THEN AVG(Metric) to calculate the average metric value for the first date range. I'd do a second calculated field for 3/1/2012 so I could compare the values between two days and understand the correlation. I've been unable to create this calculated field. Any suggestions?


      DateElement NameMetric
      2/1/2012Element 11
      2/1/2012Element 2.89
      2/1/2012Element 3.92
      3/1/2012Element 11.03
      3/1/2012Element 2.72
      3/1/2012Element 3.99