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    Filtering different unit measures

    April Hoy

      I have a few different measures I want to display as a shaded map using filters.  In the past I've been able to do this as long as all of the measures are in the same units.  For instance, if I want to show women's median income, men's median income, and total median income (all at the county level) I would set up my spreadsheet with one column for the county, one for the $ amount, and one to state which group the $ amount referred to.  I could then use the last womens/mens/total field as a filter.  That way, the viewer could compare the counties 3 different ways and I only have to fit one map onto the dashboard.


      Now I want to do something similar, but with completely different units: unemployment rate (%), median wage ($), and largest industry (a text entry).  Is this possible?